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    How To Cure Back Pain

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    Back pain can be a very painful condition. As far as possible we should save ourselves from having problem with our back. But back pain is as common as common cold these days. We can certainly avoid reasons which causes back pain but what should be done to lose back pain.

    There are various factors involved in pain in the back. Pain in the back can be caused by various reasons. The back pain is the pain experienced in the muscle, ligament, tissue or the bone of the back

    The most common reason of the pain in the back is the wrong posture. The wrong posture of the body while sleeping, sitting, standing etc can lead to pain in the back.


    You can also strain your back while playing or doing some strenuous activity. While lifting heavy objects a person can hurt the back


    The best and the most effective way to lose back pain is to take Chinese Acupuncture and tuina(Medical Massage) . After the treatment take a good rest still is important. Our body is very strong and has the ability to heal on its own.

    You can also use hot and cold packs to reduce any swelling and pain in the back. Or try Chinese Medicine Woodlock oil which made in Chinese herbals.

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